Have you ever wondered what guests think about when staying in your hotel? What motivates them to choose your hotel? What goes on their mind before they check-in? Guests have a lot of worries and concerns when staying in a hotel and take a lot of time in making the decision but quality services can reduce their worries for the next trip. Here are some of the common concerns of hotel guests which you need to address to retain your guests:

1. Hygiene of Hotel Supplies

Guests are really, really concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness of hotel supplies, including hotel towels, bedsheets, pillows, cutlery and more. They assume that you rarely wash your hotel linen, barely clean your restrooms and compromise on the quality to purchase affordable and cheap supplies. Irrespective of the hotel size and reputation, guests are always concerned about the hygiene but you can develop their trust in you by offering the best services to their surprise!

2. Limitations of the Menu

People want to eat well when they are traveling and feel like home. Although they may have their meals when exploring the city or at work if they are traveling for business, but will want to try your food when they are having a lazy day. Some guests may even eat out because they assume you might not have the greatest food in town. An extensive menu with various cuisines will help you satisfy different taste buds and encourage your hotel guests to eat with you.

3. Privacy and Security

Guests carry a lot of valuable items including mobile phones, laptops, cameras and important documents such as office files, passport and more. They want to be sure that their documents and luggage will be safe and secure at your hotel and the last thing they ever want to worry about is losing their valuables. Also, some guests are obsessed with their privacy and the CCTV cameras around the hotel make them question their privacy and personal space. Make sure your cameras are not grabbing their attention and keep telling them that their comfort is your utmost priority.