The choice of hotel linen plays a major role in shaping the experience of the guests. Rough and tough bedsheets do not feel good against the skin while stained bedsheets are a turnoff and raise questions on the hygiene and cleanliness of the hotel. However, vigorous institutional laundering and repetitive use may damage the texture and feel of hotel linen, leaving housekeeping staff agitated. Investing in good quality bedsheets will not only make the guests happy with their softness and elegance but will also reduce your linen budget by 40%. This blog will help you choose your hotel bedsheets to enhance your guests’ experience and help your housekeeping staff.

Whether you have a motel or an international chain of hotels, your bedsheets need to be durable and long-lasting to keep your budget minimum.  Stronger bedsheets withstand vigorous institutional laundering and do not lose their shine and softness after a few washes. However, there are misconceptions related to the thread count which needs to be addressed. A higher number of thread count does not ensure that your bedsheets are durable, but the fabric, type of weaving and other technicalities need to be considered as well. And durability isn’t the only factor that needs your attention, but texture and fabric should be equally important in your decision. Whether it is a T-250 white bedsheet or any colored one, look for bedsheets that are durable, soft and crease-resistant.

As a responsible hotel management, you must look for affordability and durability in your hotel bedsheets, such as in Icon T-200 white bed sheet, made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester or T-300 white bed sheet, made with 65% combed cotton and 35% polyester. The combination of cotton and polyester makes bedsheets breathable and long lasting, reducing your repurchasing needs.

When bedsheets are vigorously washed, the stitching at the corners is likely to come off. While purchasing, you need to prefer bedsheets with double-needle stitching, like the ones offered by DZEE Textiles, so the bedsheet can withstand vigorous laundering without damaging the stitching, softness or texture.

Hotels lose their bedsheets, towels, and pillows very often. Half the time your housekeeping staff is either looking for the missing bedsheets or is sorting them according to the sizes. You need to purchase bedsheets that can be easily identified either through a colored hem or a different label for each size, so the bedsheets are easier to identify and manage.

Happy shopping!